Friday, March 11, 2011

One Year! :)

On March 13th, this coming Sunday, as you have heard, is our First Year Anniversary
We will be away celebrating down in Zions! :)
I thought I would share our wedding video.
Here is our Temple ground footage. Yes it was a very snowy cold day but as I have said before we learned it was confetti from Heaven-celebrating with us!
(sorry the quality kind of got lost when downloading it)
Well I accidently downloaded this video first and figured why not keep it on here as well because it has some of our reception in the second half of it but also some of the same footage as above. 


  1. Hey I'm in the second one lol. Congrats on your one year anniversary you guys! Have a great time in Zions.

  2. congrats! marriage is wonderful isn't it :) especially when you are married to your best friend. happy anniversary marissa & jesse. you guys are too cute together.

  3. That bouquet toss and catch was awesome! Steve Young to Jerry Rice awesome!

  4. I want to come to Zion's next time! Do you have to be married to be a part of this annual thing? The cake we ate at Courtney's last night reminded me of how much I liked the cake at your wedding. I even at the fondant.