Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zions! :)

We had so much fun in Zions! We are happy we decided to go there for our one year anniversary/spring break! And we are thinking of making a National Park/Camping trip at least an annual thing that we do! Anyone that wants to join us in the future, you are more than welcome! The weather could not have been better. Perfect for hiking! I actually got a little sun burned! It made me that much more excited for summer to come!
We camped out in our new tent we got for christmas. It is a backpacking tent, it was perfect size for the two of us. The next two nights we stayed at a cabin right outside Zions at a place called Ponderosa Ranch. It was cute little cabin and nice to be able to shower! :)
We loved all the hikes we went on. So pretty! That was Jesse's first time to Zions!
We actually were good at taking pictures this trip and I didn't know which ones to pick and choose to share so I decided to make a little slideshow video to enjoy instead..on a little movie kick I guess.
We also enjoyed the top tier of our wedding cake that has been sitting in our freezer for the past year. Jesse would say "It was well worth the wait!" It was delightful! Surprisingly way delicious still! Wish I had more!



  1. i love the slideshow/movie you put together. so cute. these are the memories that will keep you guys going forever :) & i also love that you ate the top tier of your wedding cake... makes me wish that paul & i would have had an actual wedding.... its all good though. you guys are SO cute together. love you marissa!

  2. Congrats!! Can't believe how fast that went by! Count us in next year for the hiking trip! :) Love ya