Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sprained ankle=money

 The past little while I have been playing indoor soccer almost every week.
 I am currently not on a team because our last session just ended- 
and with me starting my precepting (40 hours a week at the hospital) 
and having my jobs and school I just thought I most likely will not have time or I will be exhausted.
 I LOVE playing soccer! And Jesse is good about supporting me and coming to my games! :)
Last night I was invited to come play indoor soccer with some good friends. I was reminded about how a few weeks ago I sprained my ankle. My ankles are pretty weak now because all the injuries growing up.
But something good came out of it this time.
A little thing called 
Sprained ankle=$200
I had to put cream on my ankle 4 times a day. Go in for a couple check ups within a week.
And received $200 for it.
I wouldn't reccommend spraining your ankle for a little extra cash but definitely a bonus for not being able to play.
The money will probably go towards our cars. Gotta love car repairs. Or a can say it is going towards out little get-a-way for spring break/our anniversary. That probably sounds better!

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  1. I have a better idea with how to spend your money! Buy some good running shoes and register for the Top of Utah!!! :)