Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend felt pretty busy but at the same time I feel like I should have gotten a lot more done. That happens quite often. 
Friday we went up to Logan and hung out with some good friends-Jordan and Kylie
Jesse and Jordan talked about business while Kylie and I talked about Nursing! ha
We wanted to go to a Logan original..
We went up to Logan to do some work on our car. Saturday morning we took it in for a tune up. We figured it would take a good 3-4 hours. (which ended up taking over 6 hours in the end..) I really wanted to get a new shirt for summer so we went to the DI then Ross, TJMaxx, DownEast, then the mall...and I got Nothing! pretty pathetic waste of time. Either I am too cheap or their really was nothing worth the money to buy. bummer. Better luck next time. Jesse said it could be a sign that I shouldn't buy anything and we should save??..but he was a good sport to go everywhere with me. (since we had nothing else to do ;) )
But we did enjoy the nice weather on Saturday and hit up the golf course also while waiting for our car.
That wasn't a waste of time! :)

Saturday night BBQ at the Jensen's! We ate always! But hopefully that will change. As the Jensen's we are starting our own Biggest Loser this week and it will go till August when we go to Lake Powell. I am hoping this will motivate us to eat better, exercise more and lose weight! Thanks Dallin and Megan for the great idea! And on that note..I signed myself up today to run my first marathon. Top of Utah in Logan this fall. Call me crazy-Let's hope this training does me well.

Macie, my niece, has been so fun to play with lately. She is so cute! She is at that age when she says and does the funniest things! She is getting so big. And I can't believe we will have another nephew here real soon! :)

Sunday was at my Mama's! and I forgot to get a picture with her on Mother's day!

She is great! Like a best friend. I talk to her about everything..and maybe too much sometimes! but I sure do love her so much!


  1. so are you doing the top of utah half just a few weeks before? if you are i will totally do it with you!! My husband is running in it, but he is SUPER fast. and i'm like a 5.5-6.0 pace. he's like an 8.5-9,0 pace. So, if it's cool, i would love to run it with you! Not the full marathon. I think i would seriously die!!! But maybe, just maybe (if you convinced me) i would run the full shibang with ya. IDK. lemme know! this is whitley by the way. not dane. that would be weird.