Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I can do hard things.

If you have ever been to Pineview Lake before, you will know what I will be talking about.
There is a it is a mountain..that you have to drive over from Morgan to get there.
When I was younger, we used to go boating there quite often I always loved going over those rolling hills and seeing the beautiful view of the lake on the other side. But this last time I went over that MOUNTAIN I can't say I enjoyed it as much..I don't even think I really recognized the lake was there

Some crazy lady had the idea of running over that mountain and back!
Which would make that run close to 20 miles...
The same crazy lady that made me have the thought that I needed to run a marathon.
Yes that crazy lady would be my mom.

But I must say she is one that reminds me that I can do hard things.
(She is amazing..she has ran this crazy route many times..and has ran many marathons.)
Sometimes hard things are not the most enjoyable.
I wish I could tell you I enjoyed running up hill for 5 miles before getting the slightest break of straight or down hill. I wish I could say that I would want to do it again because it made me feel good.

It was hard! I am sore!
While running...well I have to admit I had to walk quite a bit as well..
I just thought why am I doing this? Every part of my body is hurting.
But then I just had to tell my self I can do hard things. 
Maybe I can't do them very well but I was doing it.

But the run was beautiful...and hopefully it will help me for the big day. 18 days. wow!

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  1. I consider that a mountain! I am hoping the marathon is easier than that run was because that wasn't very fun.