Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work then Play...

Work then play....then work.

Wow..its been a busy past few weeks!
We are officially moved out from our Kaysville apartment. I must say it did us well for the first year and so of being married. We loved living so close to both of our parents. :) Our stuff is now up in Logan waiting for us in our new place...the last couple weeks we have been doing the whole living in the parent's basement so we could finish the last 2 weeks of working at our jobs down here..good thing they love us! I must say though I am pretty surprised with how much crap we took a while to pack it and figure out where to put it all.
 Once we were all moved out we went right into packing and moving Brooklyn and Chris (Jesse's sister) into their new home they built out in North Salt Lake. And Megan and Dallin (Jesse's other sister) followed right after moving into their old place. Now hopefully no more packing and moving till we move which will be within a year...but it should be easier then.

So between working a lot and moving a lot-a nice trip down to Lake Powell was just the thing we all have been counting down to! :) Oh how I LOVE Lake Powell..definitely one of my favorite places!
Playin in the sand..
The Lonesome Dove
I tried slalom skiing for the first time..and I enjoyed it! 
Got up on my first try but it makes your arms tired quite fast.
Lots of card playing and relaxing
little William
Fishin in the mornin
boatin in the afternoon
Goodbye Lake Powell for now...hope to see you again soon! :)

Now we have to enjoy this last week until school starts for Jesse and I start giving Flu shots--back to workin hard. Is summer really to an end?

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  1. I'm excited you guys are going to be in Logan. I was bummed we're not in the same ward but we're super close so we'll have get together and do something after everyone gets back into the swing of school.