Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gavin is 9 months

Gavin is 9 months now and he seems to big! He started crawling and has become quite good at it this last week which means he is into everything! He can be a fast little bugger and I have to definitely keep my eye on him now-he is all over the house now and becoming a busy little baby. 
He LOVES food--surprise! ha! He will eat anything that he can see and reach! And literally he eats everything. He is pretty good with all food and surprises me what he can actually eat with just those 4 teeth. He has a bit of a gap in-between in two front teeth and I wonder if he will stay or not. Something kinda gross but really isn't that bad is when he is done eating I put him in the other room to play when I am cleaning up and I will be doing dishes and next thing I know he has crawled under the kitchen table and is finding all the scraps he has dropped. Sometimes I whole other meal is under there with how much he drops since he refuses basically now to be spoon fed. It looks real nice when I look over and he is picking up food of the ground but then again it's just his that he dropped and the floor is clean there…haha but don't worry I stop him and don't let him! I feel like I am feeding him a lot more things than I fed Corbin at this age but I guess the only thing I really can't find him is honey, eggs, and shell fish.
He still is a really happy baby for the most part but knows how to throw a fit and let you know what he wants. He loves attention and doesn't last very long alone. He learned how to wave-he started out randomly waving when I would change his diaper so I would say "say Hi Gavin" he caught on and now he will wave when I say that. It's the cutest thing ever!
He loves bath time now..but maybe because him and Corbin can play together? It fun to watch them in the tub together! We go on spurts when they do it a lot and then not at all.
He sleeps from about 7:30-6:30 give or take 30 minutes either way. Even with the time change he kept with the schedule. I'm enjoying it-especially when he sleeps better than his brother…but to wake up and not have been up with either one of them! oh its great. :)

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