Monday, March 30, 2015

"Sister-Wives" in Cali

My sister Courtney was planning on going on a vacation for the 10th anniversary and I heard my mom was going to watch her kids so I called my sister and half jokingly told her she should plan her vacation the week Jesse had the RV show because he would be really busy and it would be perfect timing for us to go away for a bit. And spending a week with my mom sounded pretty great to me. Well lucky us my sister planned it that very week for me to come to California as well with my mom and watch her kids. I mean ideally I would have just like to spend a week with my mom doing whatever we wanted but with kiddos it kinda limited us a little and the fact that we had to play "sister-wives" with watching/punishing the kiddos and have all the responsibilities of cleaning/cooking etc. :)
My kind sister even made us a pie when we got their for pie day…another request I had! ;)
Sunday we drove to San Clemente where we used to live when I was young. It was fun to watch her have the memories flood back in and see all of the things she recognized but also notice how much change has happened. It would have been nice to be able to go to the beach there but it took us a good amount of time to drive there we didn't really feel up to going back another day when there were closer beaches.
It was fun to be able to do a little girl's hair!
Monday we went to Newport beach. It randomly found this perfect area to park where there were bathrooms and a park. The weather was perfect that day and the tide was so far back that there were little pools of water for the kiddos to play in.
Tuesday we stayed around Courtney's house (Riverside) because Max had school. We took the other kids to the park in the morning and had a little St. Patrick's day celebration in the evening. And the kids love to take a bath together!
Wednesday we enjoyed the beach so much before that we thought we would try it out again..sadly it was a bit too chilly but we still were able to play in the sand and at the park for a while. There is many incentives of being good and "listening and obeying" like going to the park or having a "party" which included us marching in a "parade" around the block, and feeding ducks at the park!
Thursday while Max was a preschool again my mom decided we should go running with the other kids. My sister lives at the top of a hill so no matter what you will be running hills. And boy were the hills steep! Definitely felt that workout. (she might be half crazy sometimes) And they loved the caterpillar we found..another thing that made my mama happy!
Friday we went to a park in the morning, took the kids for pizza at costco, then a park again the in afternoon…parks all day every day with kids right?
Overall a success week I would say. Exhausting still but fun to spend time with everyone!

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