Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quick random trip to Utah

I knew I was forgetting to write about something…I can't believe I almost forgot about our random trip to Utah. Jesse randomly mentioned on a Wednesday night that we should go to Utah for the weekend. He couldn't have is usual Wednesday off that week because had been really busy and said he could take Saturday off after his meeting and then take the Monday the next week off. He knew I was trying to figure out the next time we would be going to Utah which was in May (since I signed myself up for a half marathon to try to motivate me to run and have an excuse to go to Utah….training is lacking right now really bad…) anyways so I was trying to figure out a time maybe in March to go as well but then when Jesse mentioned to go I figured why not! But then the more I thought about driving all day Saturday then just spending Sunday there and driving home Monday it didn't sound too appealing with the two kiddos. I am very grateful that we can drive real quick to Utah but for only one day with that many hours in the car with the young ones it wasn't going to be worth it…so Jesse said ok Fly home when you guys want to and he would drive home monday! He must know I like to go spend time with family…and he knows he can get quite busy. Actually I think he knew that I had a rough January is really what is was probably. 
Anyways so I tried to have our days planned out to get the most out of our little trip to Utah. was pretty bad timing with our moms. My mom was actually in St. George and was planning on surprising me at my house on Sunday since I had no idea she was there. But then when she figured out we were last minute coming to Utah it ruined her plan of surprising me…kinda felt bad about it. Then she has work every other day besides Sunday so my time were her was limited to Monday night when she got home from St. George and Wednesday when she was off of work. But thankfully I was able to go have lunch with her at work as well. Jesse's mom was already in Nebraska meeting our new nephew and didn't come home till Wednesday night. But we were able to spend the whole day with her before we left on Thursday night. I was able to see a few friends and spend time with sisters (Jesse's and mine) and see my Dad and Lezlee as well. Since its been a while I don't remember everything we did and sadly I somehow didn't take that many pictures until Thursday when we went to the zoo with the Jensens.
Jesse was sweet and didn't want Valentines day to pass by without getting me flowers so he had some at his parent's house for me. We drove the whole day together in the car then went to the RV show and got Zupas to go for Valentines day-not the most romantic but hey we got to spend a lot of time together at least! (usually he would be working the whole day)
Corbin was too excited to play with anyone that he didn't think a nap was necessary until he fell asleep randomly on the couch at 6pm…then woke up at 8 and finally went to bed at 10.
Treats from Korea from Uncle Elder Matt!
Corbin loves playing with Matt's little things in his room. He really liked this turtle.
I only video'd Corbin reading the book but he loved reading "Were going on a bear hunt" we read it quite a few times and then he would "read"
Corbin loved the zoo and him and Will were excited to ride the train. 
The flight home at 8 pm..was a little exhausted. Gavin fought sleep until we landed. Corbin fell asleep about 10 minutes before we landed. But thankfully I had kinda understanding people around me to help!

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