Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My little sweet heart!

Corbin never ceases to make me smile and just kinda laugh at the little things he does. And a few small things this week I don't want to forget ( I need to write the small things down more often):
He took a measuring cup back and forth from the pantry to get what he calls smichums (from cuppy cake song) which is oatmeal. He loves to eat just plain oatmeal? I love when he gets into his own little world and watching him do silly small things.
Right now I'm feeding Gavin in my bed and Jesse is at young men's. And Corbin just randomly goes into his room grabs his pillow case and crawls into bed right next to me and just lays down like it's completely normal and doesn't say anything. He loves to cuddle!
Also (my favorite) the other morning as I was making breakfast he was sitting on the counter and he randomly cuddles up to my arm and hugs it and says "I love my mommy". And he randomly will come up and hug or kiss me now! Wow melt my heart. Sure love my Corbin!
And for Valentines Day he allowed me to take some pictures of him! Might as well include them here! They make me laugh and smile!
Ha ha a little too posed as Jesse would say!! It just makes me laugh!

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