Monday, February 9, 2015

Goodbye January

Well, I am glad January is gone-to be blunt. It was the first month since I moved here that didn't go by super fast. January was a little rough…and as I look back on years past it always seem to be a rough month. I'm convinced that after all the holiday hype and eating horribly and not getting enough sleep and just being off schedule your body finally can't take it and that is what makes most people sick for January. Or thats at least what I am saying for now. I feel like one of us was sick the whole month. And thankfully nothing too bad so I can't complain too much-we all took our turn with the nasty cold going around which then just made for exhaustion and an overall kinda crummy feeling. And it really wasn't the actual little colds that were bad it was what they did to my children and their sleep! Compared to what I have seen others deal with we actually stayed pretty healthy. When Corbin gets a bad cold it seems to turn into ear infections and I am pretty sure he got two of them this last month. Now that he is old enough he can tell me his ear hurts. One time was really bad and the other time he just told me it hurt and it didn't both him too bad. Both times I was able to apply some oils and within a few hours he was better!
But what bothers me probably the most, and I feel a little vulnerable saying this, but I also have been struggling emotionally. I feel like I am so up and down. I'm motivated and happy then I have no desire to get anything done and kinda down in the dumps. Going back and forth from those two-I feel like almost daily-can get exhausting mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I thought that maybe every winter I struggle with it being snowy and gloomy and being stuck inside and everything else that comes with winter in Utah is what usually did it for me-but now that I live in Vegas and the weather has actually been pretty nice I am not quite sure what causes it. I definitely don't get as much sun still than in the summer so maybe just lacking the vitamin D is what does it? Or going back to just my body being off from lack of sleep and not feeling the best? Whatever it is I definitely have some rough days-and I can't even tell you why they are rough but my mind can really mess with my mood and overall feelings.
With that being sad, I feel very blessed and Heavenly Father knows what I can handle and what I need. He seems to know exactly when I need a friend or my mom to call or text me. Sometimes I questions him and feel like I have to let him know I have reached my limit but somehow I still survive! ;) But I definitely know when I have these moments I always examine my life and what I can be doing better-I love to look back now (hoping now I can say I am a little more least for today) and see what I need to learn from it and where I needed to improve and at least one reason for it! As I was listening to a talk from Elder Holland a very familiar scripture he shared stood out to me. Matthew 11:28-Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. The beginning on the scripture "come unto me" hit me a little harder and I questioned myself of how I was coming unto Him. I always knew you ask for help and He will be there for you but it made me think what am I doing to come unto him closer spiritually. I can't just pray and ask for help I need to do my part and "come unto Him". Very basic but I appreciated the scripture when I needed it!

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