Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brotherly love

I'm seeing small glimpses of brotherly love between Corbin and Gavin and it just makes my heart happy! Not that I'm saying that their wasn't any before but as Gavin gets older Corbin seems more interested since they can sorta start playing with each other...not much but I love when they laugh with each other and enjoy being together. They usually fight for my attention...and my it's so fun to see them want to be together! Corbin tends to just steal things from Gavin and thinks everything is his...or he's afraid that Gavin will just eat it. And Gavin's constant grabbing of things can drive Corbin crazy...even if Gavin barely touches him sometimes he freaks's kinda ridiculous sometimes..
But back to the positive things I'm seeing. I loved the first time Corbin walked into Gavin's room with me to get him up from a nap and he said "Gavin I missed you!" Gavin has of course been interested in Corbin but Corbin is finally showing some back. The other night they took a bath together and it was so fun to watch them play together in the tub! It's been a new favorite thing lately now. I love when we go to SAMs or costco and they can sit in the cart together and like to sit by each other! I know they will be best buds as soon as they can really start "playing" with each other as they get older..or I sure hope they will be instead of fighting a lot! Love the little glimpse I'm getting of that right now of them enjoying playing and being with each other!

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