Friday, February 13, 2015

Gavin is 8 months old

Well like I've mentioned this last month didn't go by as fast as most..but it does feel weird when I tell people Gavin is already 8 months old. This last month Gavin basically had a runny nose the whole time but mostly because of him cutting teeth. He cut his first tooth being one of the front bottom ones then he caught a cold then cut the other bottom tooth and I think had a couple days break and then the runny nose started up again and the top front tooth popped through. His gums were pretty swollen so I knew they were coming. He's working on the other top one right now! It's funny how they start coming out and then the next day be back in again (I don't know if other babies do that) Both my kids get clear runny noses when a tooth is about to come out and a low grade fever usually as well. So this last month had been a little rough for him-he hasn't been too bad just a little more fussy and needy. Some days worse than others but you can tell he's in some pain. Which leads to not sleeping well. So him going from sleeping from about 7:30-6:00ish then waking up a couple times a night was a little rough on us. 
He's a drooling mess as well which I guess I have said he's been for quite some time. He's breathing started to sound awful and with all the sicknesses going around I started to worry he had something. I kept debated on taking him in to the doctors (I hate taking my kids in when they are sick...I usually wait it out a bit) but a friend came over and worried me that it could be RSV and I of course didn't want it to get worse and have to be in the hospital. It was a Saturday so I had to take him to an urgent care...ugh...we waited over two hours to have the doctor tell me he's just producing a lot of saliva and mucous which is getting caught in his throat but he's lungs sound fine and he's ok just suction him out a lot. A part of me was a little upset that I didn't get anything out of it to make him feel better but the other part of me was happy I was correct about nothing being too bad and my feelings of not having to take him in. But like I said I am happy nothing was wrong and that's he has stayed pretty healthy so far! But we both are done wiping snotty noses!
While talking about annoying things….not gunna lie he has been pinching/grabbing/scratching the back of my arm mostly but other places as well when he nurses…ugh and it hurts. He pinched my arm so hard once I had bruise marks. He also does a quick face grab where you feel like you face is going to bleed. And…sadly he has bitten me a few times. The combination of these things some days I just want to be done breastfeeding. But other days its so nice to still and I know its worth it since I can!
Gavin is definitely getting more mobile now but is not quite crawling. From a sitting position he can reach down and fall onto his stomach when he tries to grab something a little ways away. He also gets into a planking position but then falls unto his stomach from there. He crawls/slides backwards and can get pretty far. I am not too anxious for him to crawl unless that means he can entertain himself more. But I just worry with all of Corbin's toys there is too much he can put into his mouth-with of course everything going straight to the mouth right now.
He is starting to eat more food and definitely loves food. But he is so messy! even when feeding him out of a pouch! He wants everything we are eating now but is not quite ready for anything but basically purees. He does eat puffs-which I don't love to give him (kinda unhealthy) empty calories but it does keep him happy for a bit!…
He definitely loves to be around people and not to be left alone. He is a pretty content baby and doesn't fuss a whole lot but especially this last month he doesn't do too well with being set down and trying to give him toys to entertain him. He has already learn what are "baby toys" and it doesn't interest him anymore. He has learned what is cool…like my phone or the remote or anything that he can choke on.
His naps aren't very consistent and thats partly my fault since we have to get out…and since he doesn't complain I guess we take advantage of it. He usually takes one long nap a day and one small one. Usually its like a 30 minute nap in the morning than around 2 hour in the afternoon or sometimes they switch. I probably should try to be better about trying to put him down and let him sleep. But sometimes I just get distracted and when he's content I just don't think about it. Same goes with feeding him..sometimes 5 hours will pass and then I realize he won't let me set him down at all and I realized its been a while…opps. So glad he's not too demanding right now. He has learned how to throw a little bit of a fit and show/tell me that he doesn't want something. Like if I try to put him in his bouncer he arches his back and will throw a little fit.
He definitely puts a smile on our face everyday because his smile is contagious. And I love his chubby cheeks…even though I do feel like he is maybe starting to thin out a bit. I feel like this month he got a new stage of cuteness. When you see their actual look start coming out more-I feel like all babies at some point start to look even cuter if that makes sense…when you look back at pictures and think I thought you were cute then but I think you are even cuter now. haha…and Do you think I take enough pictures? rather have too many that wish I would have taken more I guess! ;)

8 months old!

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