Sunday, January 25, 2015

Corbin's Sweet Side.

Well I think this deserves to be remembered since I was having a few rough weeks and this last week has been really well with Corbin. He's like a completely different kid (I guess when he's not sick and in a good routine things go well (; )
It's the small things he has been doing lately that have been so sweet or just hilarious! I'll admit I think my child has quite the funny personality...and he enjoys being laughed at. Lately when going to the bathroom he comes up to me and says "mom I gotta pee...I stop and go right away"-he learned by watching Daniel the tiger (a cartoon on PBS that's a play off of Mr. Rogers neighborhood) the little song they learn says "if you have to go potty than stop and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!" We definitely sing this song a lot but I think it really helped him learn to be potty trained. He needs my help taking off his pants but likes to take off his undies and do everything else by himself. He runs to the bathroom and the light has to be he was in the past yelling at me "mom turn on the light!" And he would kinda freak out. I tried to teach him to ask nicely and I would love to help wasn't really sticking and of course being a mom it's not fun being demanded all day long for everything. Well I'm glad I continued to tell him because now he'll run to the bathroom if the light isn't on he'll come back to me in a nice soft voice "mom will you please turn the light on?" Why yes I would love to sweet boy! I usually say something like "that makes mommy so happy when you ask me nicely!" I feel like he's a pleaser so he likes to make us happy and I try to make sure when he does things that are good to let him know everytime. And it seems to be working! :) yay! He also feels the need to show me his poop. He'll come out of the bathroom and say " was a big one! Come see it!" And seriously, tmi I know, but that kid can poop! So he seems to be telling me-or warning me-"it's a big one!" quite often.
But he's a big eater! Sometimes I still am in shock with how much he eats! Thankfully he still eats pretty much anything I make! For example, I can throw oats, banana, egg, flax, and spinach in the blender and make pancakes out of them! He loves to have me make monster, ghost, or Mickey ones. We put raspberries mixed with chia on top and I'm happy about a good breakfast...much better than cold cereal even though him and his father could eat that every lately I just don't buy any! Ha! He loves to help make anything in the kitchen with me and lately has been really good with reminding me to share-"mom, share! My turn!" And he'll remember that he needs to ask nicely then get his soft sweet voice and tilt his head and say "can I please do it" I guess it's all the sweet talk with pleases that make a huge difference! ;)
He's also been really into cuddling lately in his bed like I mentioned before. Which he loves for me to sing and tickle him. He loves to sing songs together and it is so sweet to hear him sing and get better with the words! I recently taught him what butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses are! And he's sure to make sure he gets to give them to me everytime I put him down! And a regular kiss but he "wants to do it" so sometimes he doesn't let me kiss him back thinking then I'm doing it! Yes he's all about doing things himself lately for sure!
He accidentally stepped on my toes the other day and it hurt pretty bad...he felt bad right away and said "mommy I'm sorry...I wanna give you a hug!" He did and he said "you all better?" And made sure I was ok before he walked away.
He also loves to be tickled and asks me to! He loves to hide on my bed in the sheets and tell me to come find him and tickle him. It's hard to get the things I need to get done around the house when he sweetly says "mom wanna come play with me!" Or just "play with me mama!"
It's all the small things that I can really remember all right now to right down that he's been doing lately that I appreciate and love! We are in a good place right now! Sure hope it stays! :)

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  1. It's good to remember the sweet moments! We love that cute kid!