Monday, January 12, 2015

Whats been going on around here lately.

I am going to try to be better about updating about little things as well but somehow I get busy with things and feel like I don't have enough time for all the stuff I need to get done….well basically I don't have enough alone time! ;) Corbin and Gavin require quite a bit of my time and attention-I know one day they will play together right!? ha! I am also trying to keep up on cleaning and having my house a little less cluttery! I notice I can be in a better mood if its clean so I'm trying to focus on that more…and making healthy meals. Both those are time consuming…and I feel like I am cleaning and cooking between Corbin and Gavin wanting me to play with them.
Right before the holidays I had my friend, Celeste, help me redo my family room! It has helped me enjoy being in my home now and want to keep it clean and nice! What a difference it can make when you can make a room nice! She has quite the talent! I do not have an eye for interior design stuff-I can tell you what I like and don't like but I don't know how to put things together and make it look nice! Thankfully her husband was kind enough to help build the entertainment center in the random cut out in our wall! I really wanted to lighten up the room and I feel like everything we did made it look so much better!
The lighting is not very good-our family room actually doesn't get that much natural light in it-the houses around us block a lot of the light-which is nice in the summer because it doesn't heat up as fast I think.
I had to buy a rug(which goodness those rugs can be pricey! especially for how big I needed. Thankfully I found one someone was selling for a good price!), the wood to build the entertainment center, and paint for walls, baskets, and pillows/throws.
I already had the wall shelf, and little black hutch and most the other random decorations.
And since I am showing some transformations I really wanted a bench at the end of my bed but those benches can be pricey too and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one right now. I found this old beat up bench and thought I would try to sand and paint and put new fabric on it-I figured I could try it out since I wasn't investing too much into it- I am happy with how it turned out! I wish it was a little bigger since it looks a bit small by our bed-but its doing the job for now and we use it quite a bit so I am happy I did it! I'll eventually get to finishing decorating my room (I need some color)…I would really like some pictures and make it more personalized and homey feeling eventually!
Anyways the year started off with Corbin a little sick. We rang in the new year with Corbin and I laying in my bed together…and Jesse was at work till kinda late that night. I was really worried Corbin was going to have the awful flu that was going to last a while but thankfully he only threw up once and then had a fever the next day and then after that he was fine. Fine meaning he wasn't too sick but still acting like he didn't feel good. Plus it take a week or so to come back from vacation and start acting normal I feel like. 
I was getting worried there that Corbin was turning into a grumpy, tantrum throwing, disrespectful 2 year old! But thankfully my sweet (but strong personality) Corbin is back! He really is a good kid and is loving but he just struggles with being independent and wanting things his way-but thats a 2-3 year old right!? His 2 new things lately are when we get upset and he knows he is in trouble he always asks for a hug. It started because when I put him in time out I told him he had to calm down and give me a hug…and I guess it stuck. It has been a good thing because it helps calm us both down…but sometimes when he asks over and over again and is still throwing a fit it doesn't help. But it reminds me he just wants to be loved and sometimes he doesn't even know what he wants! The other thing that he just started saying now is "Be nice!" "Mom, be nice to me!"…ouch. ha! I didn't know where he got it from at first until I realized I say it quite often-especially to Corbin towards Gavin! I can't say Corbin loves having Gavin near him lately. He gets annoyed when Gavin tries to grab everything and doesn't like when he touches him…I am hoping that will change and they will be buds as Gavin gets older! So "Be nice" is frequently said in our home right now-its a good reminder for all of us! I am definitely learning Corbin can sense my frustrated easier/faster than I thought. Other times I have to remind him that he is being rude to me by whining/yelling/crying. Things have gotten a lot better though these last couple weeks!..but he sure knows how to test my limits!! (why does he fight sleep so much!! ah!) Why is it that being a mom is the best and I love it-but at the same time so hard and frustrating? I guess we have to have a balance?! ha!

Corbin loves his daddy though! Since Christmas time he was saying "No, Daddy do it!" for just about everything. At first I didn't mind "making" dad do everything for him but then it got bad. Thankfully that has gotten better now that Dad is at work-but he still chooses/prefers Dad for most things. Can blame him when he doesn't get a lot of time with him. We do enjoy his days off still-we try to do something fun together! This last week we went to Town Square-they have a park there and a little train ride that Corbin and Jesse went on! And Jesse and I really enjoy eating out so thats something we like to do on his day off but we probably shouldn't as much now-because it adds up quickly and with trying to eat healthier! We went to the circus the other night…it started a little late for us 7:30 so we didn't stay for the whole thing. It wasn't quite as entertaining as I thought it was going to be. Maybe in a few years we will enjoy it more? We have been enjoying the nice weather as well…I must say it is so weird to have it in the upper 60's in January! I don't feel like it is winter at all! But I don't miss the freezing cold!
And a bunch of pictures of my entertaining child--I feel like I should still do updates on Corbin regularly since he changes/new things just as much as Gavin sometimes. I'm going to try to be better with that too! ;)

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