Monday, January 12, 2015

7 months old

Gavin is now 7 months old and it just seems weird that its already over the 6 month and just not a "new" baby anymore! He sits up all on his own and has since like 5 1/2 months but now can sit there without falling over most the time…when he gets excited then he can tip over backwards. He loves to grab anything that he can see-and he will reach for it and a lot of the time falls head first! He hates laying down on his back or belly...and that could be a reason why I still have not seen him roll over-he doesn't spend much time on his back or belly because he just whines! But this last week or so he has gotten better about laying on his belly when he does go to grab something and kinda tips over onto his belly. I think he will start crawling before he rolls…hopefully that is not too important of a milestone for development! ;)

Gavin super ticklish sometimes I'm not even meaning to and he just starts laughing away! I love how smiley he is-it doesn't take a whole lot to get him to smile-unless he knows you are trying to get a good picture! Ha! half joking. His cheeks are just so kissable and he doesn't mind the constant smothering kisses! He loves to be around people and hates to be left in a room alone. He can sit pleasantly for quite some time if people are around him. He lights up when you interact with him..or just make eye contact! He loves to be held and would be happy all day if he was!

He loves to eat and can suck one of those food pouches down in less than a minute for sure! I don't like starting solids so I'm not consisted in feeding them to him! I did let him suck a straw that was in a cup with pineapple juice-not thinking he could get much and sadly he got enough to cause a diaper rash! His poor bum got pretty red and sore and I swear it was less than a tablespoon for sure of pineapple juice that he sucked up-learned my lesson though...but I did put him in new cheap diapers so that might of not helped with it.
The doctor kindly and cautiously told me that I can stick to the veggies or low calorie food for him right now!…yeah I can't really change what kind of breastmilk I make! ha! ;) I think he will definitely thin down now that he is starting to move a little more now.
 It was kinda funny how his doctor came in and said something like "Now I am not too worried because I see this michelin babies and then they come in later on stick skinny as a toddler so I know he will probably thin out so not to have you worry, but you can stick to feeding him the veggies and low calorie food for now". We sure love how chunky he is though! :) From the stats he has consistency and steadily gotten shorter and fatter. Now over 80% for weight and 10% for height. So I would say he is right up there for being the shortest fattest 6 monther…(and cutest! ;) )

I still wrap his to go to sleep even though he almost always wiggles is arms out it just helps when putting him down.  I love when he randomly and peacefully falls asleep when being held! But I also feel bad that I didn't try putting him down earlier. But that is not happening very often anymore...
He has been fighting naps again-mostly in the afternoon. ugh I hate when kids fight sleep! And is 20 minutes naps are not helping the frustration…
I talk to the doctor about what he thinks babies around this age should be sleeping at night (which he said breastfed babies still usually wake once a night but closer to the morning hours-but every baby is different) Gavin was having nights where he was up twice-one between 12-3 and then again around 5-6..I was not enjoying that. So when he woke up the first time I just waited to see if he would fall back asleep and eventually he did! Thankfully he is not a big crier or screamer he still kinda just whines for me a bit so I didn't have to do the whole "cry it out" it was just "whine it out" haha but it worked and since then he has slept a lot better! I usually put him down around 7-7:30 and he wakes around 6-7am now! 

I am wondering if he is possibly teething-still not sure!? He loves to stick anything in his mouth and seems to be constantly drooling. He hasn't stopped spitting up yet so between that and drooling he's a wet mess most the day. His been gnawing on his finger a lot lately mostly if there is nothing around him to stick in his mouth. He loves making blowing noises especially with his tongue out like he is spitting. His hair seems to be growing at a faster rate now and most people mention it looks darker-but I think it's just filling in more.
He sure is a sweet baby and makes my days happier! :)
7 months old.

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