Monday, April 6, 2015

Little moments

Since I just wrote about some of the struggles of being a mother…I think I should write about those sweet moments I really don't want to forget of being a mom! 
I loved that Corbin learned and understood a little more of what Easter is about this year. We were at the grocery store and were buying a few treats and the lady said something like "enjoy these for Easter" And Corbin immediately said "Easter! Jesus died for us!" I could tell the Lady didn't know if she fully understood what he said or how to respond not knowing if he for sure said that. He repeated himself since she didn't say anything and I then assured her of what he was saying. You could tell that it gave her a moment to think and that she was very impressed that he said that. I'm not quite sure of her beliefs but to me it seems liked it touched her and she said as she patted his head "oh God bless you! That's right" or something along those lines. She asked me if I taughted him or if he goes to a Sunday school or something-I told her a little bit of both. But I loved how Corbin always said "Jesus died for us" or that Easter was for Jesus! He said "I love Jesus"..but he also loves food and the treats he knew he was getting for Easter ha!
Today corbin wanted to watch a show and since I don't like for him to watch a ton of TV I've been saying we have to have all the toys cleaned up first-he usually gives me a little bit of grief but it makes sense so he doesn't fight me too much. But half the time he gets distracted and just plays with the toys or figures out something else he wants to do. The other times he gets a little overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning up everything so he wants my help. But the system works out great for now...for the most part. Anyways after cleaning today I put on a show for him and he just sits right down on my lap and cuddles right into me-I sadly immediately said I gotta go clean up sorry! But he then said no mom stay with me! And of course I have so much I could clean and get done and he wasn't watching a show I care to watch but I knew those moments were important to him to cuddle and spend that time together. And it was important to me too! A lot of kids don't just cuddle with there moms all the time and I really want him to always want to and not stop or give up on the idea.
Then tonight with our whole bedtime routine, we read books then usually I lay down with him and sing him a few songs. He asked for my phone to listen to the Children's primary songs on an app I have. I really didn't want him to but decided to let him listen to one song-well we ended up listen to quite a few and singing along with them together. Another sweet moment together that sometimes I just have to remember that sticking to rules or trying to be strict with some things that aren't always totally necessary I can miss out on those small sweet moments. Then it was time for me to leave the room and our conversation went like this: Corbin: mom you sleep with me?
Me: no, I can't. I still need to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. (If I gave in to sleeping with him he would take advantage and want me to throughout the night-some nights I do "sleep with him" until he falls asleep though) Corbin: oh ok Me: but I love you (The we give each other butterfly Eskimo and regular kiss) Corbin: ok now go brush you teeth please, you don't want cavities! Me: (as I kinda laugh) yeah that's right, I will go! Goodnight! Corbin: ok, then you can come back and sleep with me!
My silly sweet boy!

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