Monday, April 20, 2015

Gavin is 10 months

I'll try to make these short and sweet because I haven't been in the groove of knowing what to say and write. Our sweet little Gavin..well I guess not so little because I still get people commenting on how chunky he is even though he is thinning out since he is busy as ever. He is all over the place now and gets into anything he can reach-helping Corbin take out every toy or taking out every book and dvd or if I leave the dishwasher down he races over to play with the silverware or any dish he can get. He is crawling all over the house and standing up on everything. He can officially climb up all the stairs…thats always a nice surprise to find your child half way up the stairs! He loves to be outside with Corbin and play just wish we were past the "put everything in your mouth" stage--still wondering if he has swallowed any rocks?! But Corbin now does it as well with him so I guess you never fully get out of the stage of putting everything in your mouth.
He loves to follow Corbin around and if Corbin is laying on the ground Gavin thinks that it is time to wrestle…or if any of us are laying on the ground he'll come over and want to wrestle. Its cute to watch Corbin and Gavin when Corbin is not too rough! He also really loves pillows and quickly crawls over to one and lays his head or whole body on it.
Gavin goes to bed anywhere between 7-8. I usually try to start bedtime routine around 7 but sometimes we are late-Gavin is usually pretty tired by then because some days he is not the best napper. He has been waking up around 5:45-6 almost every morning and poops….ugh! And he's hungry. So I changed and feed him and try to put him back bed and maybe half the time he does and the other half Corbin is already awake so we are up most mornings by 6:30-6:45. He usually takes a small nap in the morning around 10 but that is hit and miss depending on what we are doing. I like to try to time it out right that him and Corbin will take a nap in the afternoon together but I am still not doing a very good job at that…one of them is always fighting the nap. But he'll usually take one nap that is about an hour long or so and the other one shorter. He doesn't really like to be in the laying down rocking position anymore-he likes to lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle up. He only sleeps on his belly now and I officially don't wrap him anymore-I kept doing it because it kept his hands from grabbing and pinching me but now they come out right away if I try to wrap them in.
There is no denying that Gavin LOVES food and just to eat all day long it I would let him. He shoves food in his mouth as fast as his hands can grab it…and there is no slowing him down without a fit. The boy knows his food and don't mess with it! My kids always look like I starve them when they see food. He is learning what he likes more-no surprise with loving fruits like Corbin and I! He is working on his 5th and 6th tooth right now-another one on bottom and top they just started popping through.

10 months old.

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