Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catching up on our home life.

Well I feel like I am getting a little behind with updating about the little things that happen around here..I am pretty good about remembering when we go out of town but there is plenty of stuff (plenty of pictures that get taken) that happen around here that should be worth documenting a little.
Where to start though is the question..I guess Easter never got mention. ha. Our ward did an Easter egg hunt at the park which was fun to be able to go to a big hunt even though Corbin didn't quite get that you are suppose to run as fast as you can and pick up as many eggs as you can. But he was still happy with what he got. Easter morning I hid a few eggs in the house and he immediately found one and just started eating the candy out of it! It was fun to see him finally get into holidays a little more and understand a little more of whats going on. I loved how for quite a while before Easter if someone mentioned Easter at all Corbin would say "Jesus died for us!" so I am glad he learned a little more about what Easter is about this year!

Not that it ever got that cold here in Vegas but we are definitely enjoying the nice weather outside before it gets too hot! And I love a good garage find! They definitely like playing on this toy! Another garage find is the bike trailer. I have learned you can not put tired/grumpy children in it together..they don't quite like sitting that close together in a closed area! ;)
I took the boys to a "touch a truck" event where you can go and get inside and look at all the transportation vehicles…tractors, ambulances, police cars, fires trucks, buses, race cars, helicopter, tow trucks, etc. Gavin was perfectly content being held and did not care to sit or touch any of them! And Corbin might have gotten sick of me trying to take pictures of him with them ;) The only thing was both my boys didn't like all the horns honking it was quite loud and would scare them but most the kids there loved to honk the horns...
We definitely try to get out a lot-for both myself and my kiddos. We like going to the Aquarium, to lake mead, the children museum, and parks/spashpads! We also have a playgroup every thursday…which the playgroup has been just about every week since we have moved here and it has been so great to have! 
I love that Corbin and Gavin have been playing pretty well together. They entertain each other and I love watching them play together…don't love that fact that I feel like I have to say "please don't do that" "that is too rough" "he doesn't like that" a little too often-which is maybe why I sadly can't get a whole lot done while they are playing because I have to keep one eye on them basically always.

We always enjoy Daddy's day off which usually consist of hanging out around the house getting things done and playing and going out to eat somewhere. (Oh we love to eat out…) Most of the time with the kids but we trade with my friend Kate watching kids so we can have our "date nights" alone too! We went on a hike with our friends The Swints to red rocks last week which was perfect. The weather was pretty good and Corbin walked most the time! I love hiking so it made me a happy girl to be out in nature!

Jesse's Grandparents were able to come visit us with his Mom. It was nice to have a couple days with them. We basically ate out every meal because thats what you do when your on vacation so I had to join in right!? It was fun to have company here and be able to spend time with them! :)

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