Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gavin is (over) 11 months now.

Trying to get a little caught up but since our trip I feel like a have so many little things to do and not enough motivation to get them all done! I just need to make a list a check them off…but the list is never ending right!? Anyways quick update with Gavin (I got to get it in before he's one...ugh):
Not a whole lot new with him-he still is obsessed with food and eating and will eat anything (and way too fast) that you put in front of him or that he finds. He loves fruit-bananas and blueberries I would choose if I had to find some favorites.
He is the biggest cuddlier! Just about every time you hold him he will lay his head on your shoulder and cuddle up next to you…and will do it to just about everyone.
He loves climbing up the stairs and he quite the little stinker when he knows he is not suppose to be doing something…like climbing up the stairs or getting into the bathroom (ugh he sure does love to try and play in the toilet) He looks back at you, smiles, and then goes as fast as he can towards whatever he isn't suppose to be doing.

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  1. Hey I just found those same jammies Gavin was wearing in that first picture for Vince to wear. I thought it was going to be something he outgrew before I remembered to go through his clothes again. Did Aunt Michelle or Emily/Paula give those to us?