Sunday, June 7, 2015

San Diego

A while back we wanted to plan a little family vacation and knew it couldn't be too far since Jesse can't take much time off of work. We thought it would be nice to kinda celebrate 5 years of being married as well. Most of our trips are to Utah now to spend time with family but it was nice to just have us go somewhere different and spend time together. We decided to go to San Diego (Jesse and I's first trip together was to SanFrandiego as we called it) with our friends Kenny and Raisa. They were so good with our kids and Corbin actually got pretty obsessed with Kenny and always wanted him.
First day we went to the San Diego Zoo. We got there around 9:30 and didn't leave till around 4:30. It is a huge zoo and I was like a little kid loving it. So much to see and enjoy and I want to say we saw almost everything. Corbin loved the Hippo (named booboo butt from a book we have). They have a bus tour we did in the early afternoon when we all got tired of walking. That night we walked down to the beach--we were staying in a rental home that was a few blocks away from the beach. We watched the sunset and got excited to go to the beach the next day.
Tuesday we attempted to go to the beach…well we did go but it was quite the chilly day so we just played in the sand most the time. We went back and took naps and decided we had time to do other things. My friend told me to go and check out the Mormon Battalion but I wasn't too sure we would enjoy looking at a pioneer exhibit…but I am glad we went! We actually ended up enjoying it and it was fun to see and learn about that. It was quite the interactive tour. We went to the San Diego Temple after and that temple is just gorgeous. It is absolutely amazing…every brides dream to get married there I bet. (my mom did marry Kirk there).
Wednesday we went to Sea World all day and again I was loving it-I love under water animals but I also loved the penguins I thought those were so neat to see! Corbin liked the little kid area and Jesse and I each rode a ride with him. I made sure to go to all the shows which of course is a must! The pet show at the beginning of the day was fun and I was quite impressed, the seal show was funny, the big whale show is always awesome to see them, and the dolphin was is debatably by favorite.
We went out to dinner after then dropped them off at the airport and we headed home around 7:00 and drove home and got there a little after midnight…then woke up and few out to Utah at 8:00-(Next post.) 
It was a successful trip I must say. A lot of animals seen and I enjoyed it all! :)

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  1. This looks so fun! I've been itching to plan a little family vacation- this looks just perfect!