Thursday, June 25, 2015

Corbin is 3!

Corbin is 3 years old now! Crazy! Time is officially going by fast. And I am going to assume its only going to go by faster the more kids I have! I wish I was one of those writers that could sit down and tell you all about my child and describe is fun personality but I am not very good at that. I am really loving instagram and how I can post little things about him daily especially those things I tend to forget. I love how Corbin is growing up and how smart and funny he is. He definitely knows how to throw a fit but theres not many kids that don't. We usually do time out on the stairs and I tell him when he is ready to talk we will. It is working out pretty well right now I think and I know he is learning. Or I should say he now knows he says "sorry for throwing a fit or crying or screaming" basically automatically when I ask him why he is in trouble. He is also into wanting a hug when he is upset. Which is good for both him and I to help us calm down.
Anyways I think I will just write a few things about him and things that I know he loves:

He has quite the personality he loves to be silly and loves people laughing at him..which isn't hard to do! But I love that he is an entertainer and always making me laugh.

He loves to cuddle and watch movies. I am not a huge "sit down and watch a movie" lover…I feel like you can spend your time better and I feel like its not the best for kids to watch too much TV…but then I have to remember Jesse loves to watch movies and sometimes that is just what some people enjoy doing. So I am a "mean mom" and still limit it but I do think it is sweet when he asks me to come watch something with him and he really wants me to sit with him. At first I really didn't want to because if he's going to be watching a movie then I want to be able to get a few things done..but then I realized he is just like me and doesn't like to do things by himself…me watch a movie by myself? I would hardly ever. He doesn't like being by himself ever and doesn't do much by himself. He will play alone for a bit but only knowing that I am right there in the next room. Anyways, so I make sure to spend that "quality time" with him because I know it means something to him. And one day I will miss that he will always cuddle with me right now. I try to have him watch something educational since he really likes those shows anyways and I know he gets something out of them! Then its a win-win.

He also loves to "cuddle" at night. Which really means he likes me to lay him bed with him. He actually does sometimes put his arm around me (and it melts me) but most of the time he prefers me to be tickling his belly, back, or legs. Every night. Those moments can be sweet though and its almost like he knows what to say to keep me coming and laying there…he'll just randomly say "I love you mom". We sing primary songs as I gentle tickle him. I am a child of God is usually is number one request at least as of right now…it was Follow the prophet for a while there. But every night if Jesse puts him to bed then he immediately asks for me after to have me come sing and tickle him. His request I am a child of God, I love to see the temple, and Teach me to walk in the light. He gets 3 since he is 3 years old. ;) 

Corbin loves sweets. Its a good thing I don't keep too many in the house because him and I could eat them all day long. I love how we share the love of food…but I worry for him haha. I love that we can go share some ice cream together though and both have so much happiness! He loves to make cookies with me…and I can even make them "healthy" ones and we can both still enjoy them. Second to sweets is fruit…because its sweet too. ha! He could eat endless amounts of fruit…he once again gets that from me. Blueberries (or berries) he would probably say number one…but name just about any fruit and he loves it! He is a good eater overall though and will eat just about anything especially if their is a motive..ha!

Corbin still loves cars or any transportation-trucks, trains, airplanes, boats, motorcycle. Those are the majority of our toys.

He loves to wrestle and be tickled. He asks me quite often to and if I do it to Gavin randomly you bet he heard or saw and once me to do it right away to him.

He loves to read books and I need to start being better at it again. It tends to be before nap time or bed time so I am not wanting to read a ton right then. But he also loves to learn. He knows his alphabet and knows a lot of the sounds to the letters-just about all of them possibly. He can recognize all of the number 1-10 and can count to 11 at least…I am pretty sure I have heard him count higher while playing but not when I ask him to.

I think as of this past week he might be doing away with his nap. I am not quite sure how I feel about this but I know he kinda needs to because he fights going to bed at night then wakes up too early. I still need the quiet time which we will attempt to do…but like I said he doesn't like to be alone so its a little difficult--at least it is so far. I don't think we can completely give up naps yet because he still needs them some days. He wakes up always before 7:00 am…but some mornings its before 6:00 am. 

He loves to play outside…but is quite sensitive to the Las Vegas heat and the sun. He loves to play in the water and dirt outside.

He loves to take bath and showers.

Does not love getting his hair cut. Super sensitive to hair falling on him and hates that feeling.

He is all boy when he comes to "tooting" or "farting" or "pooping"or his "bum" or being naked.

He loves music and singing. We always have to be listening to something in the car. But he loves to just randomly sing songs as well. He likes the Children's hymns and silly songs that we got from the library. He actually doesn't like silence. If I am not talking or doing something he'll ask why aren't you talking? (uh..I must talk a lot. ha)

He loves his friends and getting out and playing with them. His good friends are Lila and Addie Brown, Charlie Caplin, and Jacob Foote right now but he has many more friends that he plays with a lot through playgroup.

He is a pretty obedient child and wants to please you…but of course wants what he wants too. But overall he will do things to make you happy and it motivated by making good choices! He hardly does anything too naughty and purposely getting into trouble. That being said he is a "follower" so if someone else is doing something he will usually follow along and be a little naughty that way. He will learn though, I am not worried ;)

Corbin is such a sweet boy though. He is very emotionally sensitive. (that can be positive and negative…but I think more positive overall) He tells me all the time that he loves me and gives me hugs and kisses! He can really drive me crazy somedays but overall he is such a good boy and I am so lucky to be his mommy!

I decided to do a little birthday party for him since we have gone to a few this past little while so he was started to understand them more. I kept asking him what kind of party he wanted and he would just say "cake!" I said yes we can have cake there but what else? "Cake and ice cream!" "chocolate!". Seriously I asked him multiple times and gave suggestions and he didn't really care about much..besides the cake and ice cream. ha! So I didn't want to do some crazy party with my easy going child so I invited all his friends to the splash pad and had pizza and cupcakes-(we had an ice cream cake on his birthday). Sadly the splash pad was randomly crazy busy that day but they all had fun and it worked out nicely.

A few random photos from this past little while:

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