Thursday, May 30, 2013

My baby is ONE

Oh I really have an "old baby" now? has it really been now over a year since Corbin came into our lives? wow! It was interesting to think about on his birthday the time last year that I called my mom having contractions and wondering if I should go to the hospital and then being at the hospital and having him. A lot has happen in the last year but yet went by so fast!
This last month I have noticed little things that he has been doing that make him more like a big boy...probably only things I mother would notice and think. But things like coming downstairs to him sitting in the pantry eating pretzels out of the bag or just him holding a can of baby puff sticks by himself and snacking on them like a boy lounging on a couch eating a bag of Cheetohs! ha or eating a whole apple to the core...or devouring a big slice of watermelon. Ok so my boy loves food. ha! :) He has gotten a little pickier about what he wants to eat. He gets pretty stubborn when he wants to feed himself so I have to find finger foods for him. He loves fruit and probably eats too much of it and he has learned that veggies aren't as sweet so he tends to drop those on the ground. Lets just say the floor next to his high chair is always a mess with all the food he "drops". 
loves bananas
knows where the good stuff is now
and I tend to find him there snacking often
sneaking goldfish
You can tell he is understanding things more now and is copying us from noises we make to helping me throw things in the garbage or load/unload dishwasher. He loves to take things in and out of the garbage, basket, or box and then putting them back in. Or playing with the little bottle of spices and stacking them on the upper shelf and then taking then back down....and sadly the peppermint bottle lid cracked and spilled all over last time he was playing around with them and the whole house smelt like peppermint for a while...
still loves his diapers??
He is definitely more independent and wanders the house but still likes to know where I am at and follows me around. Constantly making a mess while a clean up the other. :)
His new tricks that he likes to do recently are clapping, to give us high fives, and tells us what a fish says by moving his mouth like a fish would and giving us kisses which is usually sticking out his tongue. It can still be hit and miss when he really wants to do it.
This last month he has been taking a little longer naps-like 1.5-2 hours which is so nice to be able to get things done and you can tell he feels a lot better when he gets more sleep. We have is sleeping down pretty well as in as soon as I see he is tired we go into his room shut the door and I lay him down in his crib and he goes to sleep. It's so nice! But the only problem is he has a hard time sleeping anywhere else besides his crib... He goes to bed around 8 but tends to stay up to late just because the time passes us quickly or we like to wait till Dad gets home to go to bed. He has been waking up pretty consistently around 7-7:30.
rare happening that he slept on the couch...only cause he fell asleep eating-he was exhausted.
He loves to be outside and loves to play in the dirt...and eat it-hopefully he has learned now not to. He loves balls and pushing cars around on the ground...just all boy that kind of boy stuff! He loves walking with the toys but doesn't show much interest in walking by himself yet...but stands up to everything he can get a hold of.
Corbin went swimming for the first time! He wasn't too sure about it at first...but it didn't help that he skipped his nap and was tired. He liked it by the end though.
Corbin can be entertained with hats for a while..he likes to put it on and take it off over and over again...and the likes to try to put it on me. He wont keep the hat on more than 10 seconds or so though..
For a week or two he was afraid of the bath tub and would just scream but now he is back to enjoying it...I think.
he loves his Grandma!
oh man I love this baby of mine!

Next up his party and cake smash pictures..

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