Monday, June 3, 2013

Corbin's First B-day Party.

We decided about a week before Corbin's birthday that we should have a little party for him and just have a BBQ and some swimming with the family and some friends. I decided that it would be cute to have a little theme to the party but didn't have the time or desire to do something big. So randomly I went with a fish theme--I figured we were swimming..his swim shorts had fish on them and I could do a few simple things. (and funny thing is this last week he learned how to tell us what a fish he must like fish too ha) I made 2 different fish cupcakes and marshmallow fish pop things..had some swedish fish and gold fish, carved the watermelon as a fish...made a jello fish bowl-they were all just simple things to make it a little cuter I guess? It was fun to start off the holiday weekend with a BBQ and swimming and get together with everyone!
It was crazy to look back on his month to month pictures and how different he looks in some of them.
playing peek-a-boo with the plate
From this pictures he looks real excited for the cake but he actually wasn't too interested in his cake this time around...I think he learned from the first cake smash we did for pictures that it was a lot of sugar! and I think he ate quite a bit for dinner right before.
But he did manage to get a little dirty still.
We got plenty of new toys for Corbin which I appreciated but I decided to try not to take all of them out of once so he can be entertained with them longer! He definitely loves balls and cars right now and we got some he loves--we thank everyone for them..even though no one will read this. ha! It was a fun little party for him and I'm glad we decided to do it! :)


  1. Happy belated birthday Corbin! Ps I always read your blog. It's a fun read during nap time;)

  2. Such a cute party!! He is so adorable!