Sunday, June 23, 2013

summer is gettin busy

I feel like I have been quite busy lately...but at the same time I haven't really had that much. I think with family in town and projects I have been working on...such as painting an entertainment center (which has taken me way longer than it should) Well, I might as well say a little something about this entertainment center. It was Jesse's parents but they were getting rid of it and Jesse wanted it. I don't care for the old oak colored furniture (which is why I want to redo my kitchen cabinets..but probably wont happen...probably meaning Jesse I think is a for sure no on that ha!) 
Anyways I have never painted furniture before and thought I would give it a try-I like to try new things out..broaden my skills. ha Jesse wasn't to thrilled about the idea but knew I wanted to so allowed it. I read different peoples suggestions on the internet and tried to do my homework so I didn't ruin this entertainment center by painting it. So long non sense short..I learned basically two things. 1. Even though they say to do light coats...there is such thing as too light of coats-which then your just wasting your time and making it take much longer than it needs to. (like 4 coats only looking like you maybe did one..and this entertainment center is not small) and 2. Just use a paint spray gun. Much much faster and more efficient. Don't have one I would say borrow or rent. I should have used the spray gun from the beginning and I would have had a lot more nap times doing something better with my time. ha! you live and learn I guess.
Anyways back to feeling I also decided to paint the downstairs because it was an awful light yellow/light greenish color....and I am still working on that a week later...yeah I am beginning to figure out why Jesse doesn't care for me to do projects. They take me a lot longer than they should...did I mention that the entertainment center is not quite put back together...oh man..
Also yard work is never ending..or I should say just owning a home in itself I feel like can make you busy with cleaning and projects and things to fix. But I am beginning to know that my backyard might just always be full of weeds and there is not much I can do about it...and our grass might be dead no matter how much we try to take care of it and water the way don't ever try to rake your yard with a hand rake..its worth just renting a power rake-but then again our grass is still dead?? I think I might be finally agreeing with Jesse that hiring someone to do yard work could be worth it. ha? Even though I don't mind it..I just don't find the all the time needed for it.
On to the more exciting things that have kept us a little busier and that is that family was in town this last week or so. Jeff and Ali-and Quinn and Ella-who now live in Nebraska came to visit for a while before school starts up again for Jeff. We were able to get out a lot and do fun things together like going to the aquarium, boondocks, Cherry Hill, Chuckie Cheese, BBQ and swimming, shopping, taking family pictures, had Matt's (Jesse's Brother) Eagle Scout Court of Honor, and just hanging out all together! We all sure love when they are here! ( I wasn't the greatest at taking pictures though while they were here...most just of Corbin, wish I would have gotten them all together more)
otters at the Aquarium
swimmin in our backyard..payed a $1 for that pool and I think its great for at least Corbin. ha
He loved the small merry-go-round
a little bowling
enjoying a churro
Matt receiving his Eagle Scout
Arcade rides
This past Thursday we were also able to take the razor for a quick ride up Farmington Canyon with my mom and enjoy the view. It was a bit chilly when you were on the top!
Well, I feel like June came and is gone way too fast. July is usually the same. Next week to end the month is girls camp and then Corbin and I are headed to Cali for a family reunion.

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