Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cake Smash and One year photos

Well I stuck the pictures on facebook but I have to quickly put them on here as well so they can make it into the blog book...that hopefully I will get on cause I am getting behind...but this is my journal so I need to make sure I continue to make this into one. 
Anyways I always thought the little cake smash photos are cute for one year olds...and Corbin enjoys food so I thought we could get a few cute photos of him and I am pleased with how they turned out. My sister does a great job with her little photography and I sure enjoy that she does it!
At first I don't think Corbin knew it was food when I put it in front of him but as soon as he tried just a little lick of it he knew it was the good stuff..he made the mess completely by himself. Here's a few. Pure enjoyment!
I got this cake for $4 at walmart...yeah I was pleasantly surprised and impressed actually! especially cause I called and asked if they could make one within 2 hours. :)
I wanted to try to do a little bath tub clean up shoot after but Corbin wasn't up for that idea. I think he was tired at this point and way sugared out. So even though I look like a mean mom I did not leave him in the tub too long and only got these shots showing he was pretty upset. ha but he calmed down after we were down taking photos..of course.
of course I had to get one of his cute bum!!
I tried to get a few just regular shots for his one year old photos but he just wanted to play with the toys so I wasn't going to get too upset not getting any because we are suppose to take family photos this week so hopefully I can get a few then too. But I am happy with these few we got. The faces we got are ones he pulls often! :)
totally one of his faces he gives me quite often. love it
he loves reading books right now so I happy we got this shot ..hope the love for books continues..unlike me.
being silly
Big thanks once again to my sister Courtney! If you want your pictures for cheap look up Poulsen Photography! :)

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